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Dr. J. T. Kent was a philosopher and a scientist of high order in the world of medicine. Homeopathy according to him, he had a dream of achievement, an ideal to fulfil. But he was too strict and could not anticipate the practical aspect and the fate of science when practiced on a mass scale all over the world.

During his own time, he could not find a sufficient number of physicians who could practice within the framework of philosophy and bring success and glory to the science. While our great pioneer wanted a dose of a single remedy to be given after being fully satisfied with the totality of symptoms, in appropriate potency; without unrequired repetition, we find people that people are using mixture of various remedies without any consideration of symptoms on allopathic pattern the World Over. The deviation is in a way downfall of homeopathy ‘the greatest science of healing’ brought to the human race by Dr. Hahnemann.

But the great pioneer has left a message and responsibility with the next generation. ‘While Homeopathy itself is a perfect science, its truth is only partially known. The truth itself relates to the divine and the knowledge relates to the man. It will require a long time before physicians become genuine masters in this truth.’ And it is our pious duty to prepare ourselves for the capability that the science requires to bestow real health to the ailing human beings on the earth.

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