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In discussing Hahnemannian principles from a modern standpoint homeopathy acc. to Stuart Close hope to contribute something towards a renewal of interest in the science and art of therapeutic medication as exemplified in homeopathy, of which the medical profession is much in need.

A review of current literature and neighborly relations with many physicians of the dominant school of medicine reveals not only a more friendly spirit than formerly existed, but an active interest in what their homeopathic brethren have to offer towards the solution of therapeutic problems and a desire to co-operate. This era of therapeutic nihilism is passing away. Thinking men and leaders of the dominant school are ready to participate in a scientific discussion of the theory and principles of therapeutic medications from a homeopathic standpoint when approached a non-sectarian spirit.

They are becoming more generally receptive of the idea of the existence of a general principle or law of therapeutic medications than ever before and more willing to consider evidence submitted in favor of that proposition. They rightly hold, however, that the evidence to be submitted should be prepared in such a manner as to comply with the requirements of scientific research.

Leaving the phase of the subject to the scientific and research workers and others to whom it may be congenial, and not forgetting the many in our own school who are interested, it seems permissible to present once more, as simply and attractively as possible, an exposition of the logical, historical and philosophical principles upon which homeopathy is based and attempt to show, at least suggestively, its relation as a department of general medicine to other sciences.

It makes no pretensions to being “scientific”. It is conceived and submitted in a fraternal and philosophic spirit, however far it may fall short of adequate expression.

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