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According to H. A. Roberts – The first question asked of us who profess to uphold Hahnemann’s teaching is this: What is Homoeopathy? Why is Homoeopathy preferable to other methods of medical practice?

How shall we answer it? Is it true that we can answer it by saying: Homoeopathy is a system of medicine? The thoughtful, conscientious homoeopathic physician will feel that a more comprehensive answer must be given, an answer that will appeal to the sense of logic in the mind of the questioner.

We believe that Homoeopathy has no standing if it cannot be definitely proven that it stands firmly upon the basis of fundamental natural laws. H. A. Roberts has tried to show the term “logical reasonableness of homoeopathy”, as Carroll Dunham termed it.

He had made an attempt to correlate the principles that govern the homoeopathic methods of healing with those principles and laws that govern all life: i.e. motion, growth, development. He had research along the lines of the fundamental oneness of homoeopathy with Universal Law, his object will have been attained.

Nature law is immutable. We judge by finite measurements, but our convictions relate our finite perspective to ultimate and infinite acceptance of these laws, which will right the equilibrium in the individual, the nation, and the world.

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